Friends and Support

Greetings from Davina, University of Tasmania

Dear Dr Si Fan and Dr Yun Yue,

I am utterly impressed that you have conceived of such a wonderful initiative, and developed it to the point where it is already receiving attention from all around the world. I can think of nothing more important than research and advocacy which focuses on 'collaborative co-existence' in an Australian context. Well done! I am very proud of you, and I look forward to attending your conference in Phuket, Thailand in May, 2012.

See you soon!


Greetings from Dr Angelica M Baylon, Department of Research and Extension Services of the Maritime Academy of Asia and the Pacific (MAAP), MAAP-AMOSUP-PTGWO-ITF , Philippines

Warm Greetings from MAAP Philippines!

Many thanks to my good great friend, Dr Thao Le, for sharing with me the AMII Dr Angelicawebsite. I have read the website and I am very much impressed with your noble objectives of which I would like to manifest my sincerest support to you Dr Si Fan and team. I also look forward to actively participating in the forthcoming International Research Conference in the beautiful island of Phuket, in Thailand this May 2012. What a wonderful place to host a global confernce.

As officer and member of various research organizations in the Philippines, I am happy to help with the information dissemination about your conference so we may be able to see old friends, meet new friends, share, contribute and culturally link with educators and researchers across the borders for possible research, exchange of ideas, sharing of best practices and multi-cultural cooperation and collaboration based on mutual understanding, interests and concerns.

Congratulations and keep up the good work! Cheers! Angelica M Baylon, PhD

nnifer Mayers, EAngela with groupSL Executive Officer, Literacy & Numeracy SecEducation and Training, ACT Government
Greetings from Jennifer Mayers, ESL Executive Officer, Literacy & Numeracy Section, Education and Training, ACT Government

Information on the Australian Multicultural Interaction Institute has just arrived at my desk and just wanted to say congratulations on the establishment of the Institute and all the best for the future.
I work in the ACT and the challenges have been and continue to be, the need to understand how literacy approaches differ fundamentally from ESL approaches and how culture can influence engagement in ESL learning and a sense of belonging. Teachers who understand their students cultural and linguistic backgrounds always go that step further in making a connection.

Once again – well done.


Greetings from Dr. Martin R. Gitterman, Professor Emeritus, Lehman College and the Graduate Center, The City University of New York

I am delighted to learn about the establishment of The Australian Multicultural Interaction Institute. I have read the objectives of the organization and find them truly outstanding. I hope your organization grows and continues its good work for many years. My very best wishes in your exciting endeavor.

Dr Martin R. Gitterman

Greetings from Dr Thao Le, Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia

I would like to warmly congratulate the AMII team for the wonderful contribution to the academic world.

Your efforts are very much appreciated by our colleagues and friends in Australia and overseas. They all look forward to your International Research Conference in Phuket, Thailand, May 2012.
I can't wait to meet you all in Phuket next year. If only time could fly!

Till then, best wishes and take care,

Thao Le

Greetings from Saeed Rezaei, Department of Languages and Linguistics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

I cross-posted the link to my ELT group and all colleagues here in Iran just to put the word around and let others contribute to the upcoming conference. Wish you all the best and I will try to be present in the conference if everything goes well by then.


Saeed Rezaei

Greetings from Dr Yasmine Howard, consultant academic and instructional designer, Melbourne

It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm, inspiration, and dedication dynamically revDr Howardealed in your activities. I would like to congratulate the AMII Team for your dedication to educational empowerment.
It is lovely to feel the spirit of international collaboration in your activities and I look forwards to hearing more from your Team.

If any member of your Team come to Melbourne, please let me know so that we could have coffee together on the fascinating street where you could see, feel, and smell the inspiring spirit of cultural diversity.

Again, Congratulations!

Dr. Yasmine Howard

Greetings from Chona Hannah, University of Tasmania

My warmest congratulations to you and your team for the newly established institute. This institute is now a powerful source of research students and scholars of different cultural backgrounds to share their research. I am very impressed by your research initiatives and collaborative spirit.

Yes, I look forwards to meeting you there at the conference in Phuket, Thailand in May 2012.
It is excellent to conduct research conference in a beautiful island of Phuket where heaven and earth meet.


Chona Hannah

Greetings from Dr Muhlise Coşgun Ögeyik, Department of English Language Teaching, Trakya University, Turkey

I would like to congratulate you for your enthusiasm to sDr Muhlise and colleaguesupport educational empowerment by constructing such cultural links across the borders. I believe, through such activities, mutual relationships among people from distant parts of the world will be promoted.

I hope I will be there with you at the Conference in Phuket.

Congratulations again! Wish you all the best.

Dr Muhlise Coşgun Ögeyik

Greetings from Martin Stalker, Polytechnic Clarence, Hobart, Australia

It is an outstanding achievement! I would like to send my warmest congratulations to the Committee for your fascinating and inspiring initiative. while the world is full of conflicts, your mission brings a great deal of hope for human peaceful co-existence.

I wish you all the best and would like to make a contribution whenever you need me.

Again, thank you for your inspiration.

Martin Stalker

Greeting from Dr Djuwari, Editor-in-chief of Research Journal, JEBAV, STIE Perbanas Surabaya Editor of International Research Journal of Higher Education, Liceo De Cagayan University, Philippines

It is really wonderful to see the spirit and innovation through dedication for estabDr Djuwarilishing the Australian Multicultural Interaction Institute (AMII). In this era of globalization with the advancement of information and technology, the establishment of this institute really triggers the cultural interaction so dynamically. I am sure that through the activities in this institute, all members will be much more acknowledged by various cultural interactions from different areas throughout the globe. Therefore, I personally would like to congratulate the AMII Team for their dedication to educational empowerment. All are happy with the activities in AMII from now on and it is also lovely to feel the spirit of doing cooperation and collaboration in the AMII activities. I am looking forward to hearing from you all.

Again, Congratulations!

Dr. Djuwari, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Greetings from Sun Hee (Sunny) Jang, PhD candidate, Faculty of Education, University of Tasmania, Australia

Congratulations to the brilliant UTAS current and former students for the great achievement. I am so grateful to you all for having organised such a wonderful, scholarly community. I am delightfully going to disseminate this news to people around me.

I heartily wish many researchers and educators from over the world bring and share their fascinating research stories about education facing ‘a changing and challenging world’ through the Australian Multicultural Interaction Institute. Once again, congratulations and my full support is with the AMII team.

See you at the conference in a beautiful island, Phuket!



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