About AMII

The Australian Multicultural Interaction Institute (AMII) is newly established institute to promote intercultural interaction around the world.

The objectives and services of the AMII are:

  • To offer interactive education programs such as intercultural study tour, educational workshops, student exchange, seminars and conferences;
  • To provide translation services, such as conference related information, excerpts of journal articles (with author consent), Australian university information (e.g. course information), preparing supporting documents for applications, and other information (policy documents).
  • To promote research sharing through a new academic journal entitled "International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research". The first issue of the Journal will be published in December 2011.
  • To support resource sharing, in the spirit of education and research without borders; and
  • To promote global understanding and collaborative co-existence.

We would like to welcome your initiatives, support and collaboration to enhance the quality of AMII and intercultural interaction.

International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research

IJIIR publishes papers dealing with theoretical research and contextual research in various disciplines and socio-cultural discourses. It allows researchers to share results and insights about newest research projects. Newest issues...

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